When I met my man and he got me to open my eyes to see photography in a more serious and professional way. I had a camera and like everyone else, just did my auto setting and took my pictures without editing. Starting from holidays and daily fun, he changed it all and gave me my skills and pushed me forward to start shooting at weddings in London 2011. As soon as I became pregnant in late 2012, I could not do weddings anymore as these involved far too many hours and sometimes in distant locations and always at weekends. I realised that I had to be on the lookout for something else and because I was pregnant, I became fascinated by maternity photography and then newborn and baby photography. I am so happy and pleased that I changed and got into the whole baby world. I am delighted about the love I get back from the parents and their babies; it is so amazing. I love to capture some wonderful memories for families that they will adore forever, be able to share with friends and family and hang up on their walls. It would give me the greatest pleasure to capture you and your family’s future as memorable photos.

I am a mother of two, my daughter Esme is 5 years old and a happy little girl. Godwin, my son is one and a half and a funny little guy. I am originally from Stockholm, Sweden but we are based in Ealing, London and love to take photographs and visit parks, drink coffee or should I say like we do in Sweden, Fika, which means a coffee break. We love to travel and wander around museums and just explore. I am a regular mum with a camera in my hand, an eye for beauty and a love for children and babies. I look forward to seeing you and your family and making memories together. X