Family Photography ealing

Why not take a little adventure with your family with a photographer.
We can either find a special place or you can come to my studio where we can play and capture some amazing memorable images for you and your family.
Images that will create your history and memories and that you can share with your loved once.


Where will it take place

You can choose the comfort of your home or out in a park or why not my studio or a place that you really love. We will discuss it together and choose a time that fits the best for the location. It will be more of a lifestyle session where you can play with your children and have a good time while I capture the happy moments in your play and cuddles.


I always recommend light clothing with no marks, logos or busy patterns. Why take away from your wonderful faces? Though it is important that colour tones go together, they don’t have to be an exact match. Please keep it simple; light colours and clothing without a lot of prints. For the baby, I recommend, white, light grey, pale colours. For you as a parent, I would recommend light colours without logos or marks and busy patterns. Simplicity and naturalness are the order of the day.

  What happens if bad weather?

If the weather is bad and we can’t shoot we will then rebook for another day and hope for better weather.

Anything else to consider?

Ah yes, to send me a few photos of your home in advance, the rooms don’t have to be cleaned up yet. I will then be able to plan what rooms we will use and let you know what I think. On the actual day, the rooms we will use would need to be clean and tidy for the shoot so we can save time. Please remove clutter that will stand out in a photo but if you are unsure just leave it and we will do it together. The other important thing is to be calm and relaxed so your newborn baby or child will be calm and relaxed because they can sense if you are nervous or worried. We will, together, make it a smooth and relaxed time, with simple posing and lots of fun. I prefer to come when the sun is out, as that creates good natural lighting. So if you could please determine which rooms and at what times of the day they  have the most natural light, that would help me a lot to be able to plan.

The deal…

  • Planning for your photo session.

  • Fully retouched images in both high quality format and in lower quality format for social media.

  • Quick delivery of the images, within a week.

  • High quality products to add to your order if you like.

  • Book as soon as you decide that this is what you want as the slots quickly fill up.

  • For the price list please contact me on or press the botton below.