newborn photography

Capturing your newborn in the comfort of your home or in my studio is a passion of mine. I love to create future memorable images of you and your family, photos that you will be able to share with family and friends mounted and occupying pride of place on your walls at home or even at the office. I will be honoured to come to your home or to having you at my studio to get to see your family and get to cuddle with your little newborn baby.


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  • The photo session can take up to 2 hours in the comfort of your home. I always put a lot of time and effort into planning and making the session fit your specific needs and schedules. For a booking, please send me an email at the Contact page.

  • I put a lot of time and effort into making both you and your newborn baby feel cool, calm and collected. Safety is also a major priority.

  • The focus will be you and your family but if you choose to have the shoot in the comfort of your home I will need you to do a little tidying up in the selected rooms for the photography. Therefore, please remove all your bits and bobs to ensure that everywhere is neat so that the focus is on the baby and family. Of course, if there is something left behind we can move it or adjust it at the time of the session.

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  • Planning for your photo session.

  • Fully retouched images in both high quality format and in lower quality format for social media.

  • Quick delivery of the images, within a week.

  • High quality products to add to your order if you like.

  • Book as soon as you decide that this is what you want as the slots quickly fill up since the little ones come into our worlds all the time.

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Vero J. Fotograf


What time is best for a session

A newborn photo session is best to be done within 3 weeks of your little precious baby’s life, because they will often be soundly asleep and still have that cherubic newborn look. It will also make the session quicker if they are younger and therefore easier to manage; that is debatable!!!.

What should I think of

We love your favourite toys and props.

If your newborn or child has got a teddy, doll or a special blanket that means a lot to you, please bring it out and we will use it to make your photos more unique and personal. If you have any toys that are in wood and not too deep a colour, that would be perfect to complement the photograph to bring out for a play. If your children have their favourite teddies or toys feel free to bring them out to play with and the photographs will be filled with meaning.


I always recommend light clothing with no marks, logos or busy patterns. Why take away from your wonderful faces? Though it is important that colour tones go together, they don’t have to be an exact match. Please keep it simple; light colours and clothing without a lot of prints. For the baby, I recommend, white, light grey, pale colours. For you as a parent, I would recommend light colours without logos or marks and busy patterns. Simplicity and naturalness are the order of the day. In any case, your wardrobe is nearby so we can always have a look through and make it perfect. I love the photos when they capture a relaxed morning in bed with your precious little newborn baby next to you. So if you have a nice night gown or pyjamas, please feel free to bring that out. A cup of tea nearby would not be amiss!

Anything else to consider?

Ah yes, to send me a few photos of your home in advance, the rooms don’t have to be cleaned up yet. I will then be able to plan what rooms we will use and let you know what I think. On the actual day, the rooms we will use would need to be clean and tidy for the shoot so we can save time. Please remove clutter that will stand out in a photo but if you are unsure just leave it and we will do it together. The other important thing is to be calm and relaxed so your newborn baby or child will be calm and relaxed because they can sense if you are nervous or worried. We will, together, make it a smooth and relaxed time, with simple posing and lots of fun. I prefer to come when the sun is out, as that creates good natural lighting. So if you could please determine which rooms and at what times of the day they  have the most natural light, that would help me a lot to be able to plan.


For the price list and to book please email or click on the botton below.